Some attributes
Name: Argeese
Native name Αργεισα
Speakers 61,486,000
Script Hellenic Script

The Argeese language, or “Αργεισα” in Argeese is a Hellenic language related to Greek but with a strong Hebrew influence. It is the main language of the Nation of Argus.


Labial Labiodental Dental Alveolar Post-Alveolar Velar Glottal
Plosive p b t d k Ɂ
Nasal m n
Fricative f v θ ð z ʃ x ɣ
Rhotic ɾ
Lateral l


The Argeese language uses a modification of the Greek alphabet, with some locally derived characters.

Majuscule: A, B, Γ, Δ, Ε, Ζ, Η, Θ, Ι, Κ, Λ, Μ, Ν, Ξ, Ο, Π, Ρ, Σ, Τ, Υ, Φ, Χ, Ψ, Ω

Μinuscule: α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η, θ, ι, κ, λ, μ, ν, ξ, ο, π, ρ, σ/ς, τ, υ, φ, χ, ψ, ω



Argeese conjugates with two numbers, three persons, three voices and three moods.


In Argeese nouns come in genders. Nouns come in only two genders, masculine and feminine. The only way to tell for sure is to look at the definite article.

Masculine nouns usually end with “υ” or “ω”. Feminine nouns usually end with “α” or “ε”. However, this is not always the case. The only way to know for sure is to look at the definite article or look up the word.