Down below are some very general points about the average Argeese person.

If you are from Argus:

You feel a strong bond with everyone in the Nation, even to the stranger on the street.

You rely more on teamwork than on your own power.

You put your complete faith in the current leader, whether you voted for him or not.

You dislike cats.

You are more likely to purchase from a store you have never been to before rather than one you have.

You pick up trash you see on the side of the road.

You are very loyal.

You have respect for the citizens of Independent Antartica.

You are very trustworthy.

You often take people at their word and expect them to tell the truth.

You may treat the foreign immigrant in your country as you would your Argeese neighbor, but as a foreigner in another country you often expect people to have much less honor and poor ideals compared to yours. As a foreigner you expect the normal person to lie and to tell the truth. But you keep that to yourself.

You are more likely to trust the wiki than not to.

You like cheese crackers.

You put a little too much food in your lunchbox.

You like cooperative and multiplayer video games, and dislike single-player video games.

You are very afraid of starving.

You don't often travel out of the country.

You are a family person.

As husband and wife you are a dynamic duo.