The culture of Euskadi-Navarre is rather unique, as it is heavily Basque, but it has substantial French influences also.

If you are from Euskadi-Navarre:

You can swim very well.

You get two days off from work.

You may or may not be religious. If you are, you are probably a Roman Catholic or Protestant, with varying levels of commitment. This does not mean that no-one in the country cares about God, however. There are many people who have fervent beliefs, but you try to allow freedom for everybody.

You have your father's and mother's last name, but can recite at least your ancestors for another generation or two. If a person's last names are not French or Basque sounding, they tend to be frowned upon.

You were born in a hospital, or by a midwife. It depends on where your parents lived at the time. There are not many hospitals in the mountains.

You are glad to have a republican government, but you wish that the powers that be would listen to your kind of people a little more.

Knowledge and education:

You can speak Basque and French, both from a young age. In school you will learn another one, possibly Castilian or perhaps Catalan.

You would be shocked to stumble across a person who cannot read or write.

The manual arts come before frivolities like art and literature, but music and science are respected, just not as much as being a good fisherman.

In order to survive in life, one must be a good cook.

Everybody knows that:

Milk comes from a cow, sheep, or goat. You have heard of people who drink horse milk, and are nauseated by the thought of it.

Decimals are marked with a comma. Like this: 1,05 = 1 + 5/100.

A marriage is for love, although family interests play a role.