Being a rather unusual nation, Independent Antarctica has a rather unusual culture. The statements made on this page would be obvious to any Antarctican, but may come as a surprise.

If you are from TKS:

You do not mind the cold.

You only take Sunday off from work.

You have your father’s last name.

You were delivered by a midwife.

You are a fanatical Christian.

Your marriage was arranged by your parents, but that is not exclusive with love.

You see nothing strange about having no government.

You wonder why everyone else is so concerned about money: you seem to get along just fine without any.

Knowledge and education:

You can speak Antarctic,probably French, and possibly another language or two.

You can definitely read the modern alphabet, and would be astonished if someone could not.

The most important thing that can be taught is the Bible, and after that, how to do a useful job.

You know how to fish, cook, butcher a variety of animals and, regardless of gender, are comfortable doing all of that.

You were educated in your home, almost certainly by your mother.

Living accommodations:

You live underground, probably around a volcano.

You have a very large family.

The father works, and the mother teaches the children.

You might have a phone, but you consider TV a disgrace to humanity.

Everybody knows that:

Marriage is for life.

Milk comes in a glass jar and from a sheep.

The date is written dd/mm/yyyy. The year is recorded as AD. When written in full, the date is written as “Sunday, 17 January, 1773 AD” (And you know what happened then).

The decimal indicator is a comma. The thousands sign is a period.

One million = 1.000.000,00

Meat is what is for dinner. It is almost certainly seal, rabbet, whale, fish or sheep.