This is, quite literally, the History of Ou Koshnu. This is a timeline-formatted page which shall start at the beginning till the current happenings.

Before Christ.

~770 BC: Rome Founded.

~509 BC: Roman Republic founded.

~400 BC: Argus founded.

430 BC: Argus founds first colonies on neighboring islands.

200-180 BC: First Roman-Argeese War.

30 BC Rome annexed Egypt.

27 BC: Roman Empire.

Anno Domini.

~0 AD: Christ born.

476 AD: Western Roman Empire falls.

573 AD: Independent Antarctica founded.

1066 AD: Norman Invasion of Saxon kingdom of Albion.

1453 AD: Byzantium falls.

1534 AD: Saint Laurence River discovered.

1492 AD: Columbus sails the ocean blue.

1589 AD: Navarre and France united.

1773 AD: Independent Antarctica rediscovered.

1793 AD: King Louis XVI decapitated; French republic formed.

1793-1815 AD: First Great War (War of the French Republic).

1815 AD: Euskadi-Navarre independence restored, Britannia made independent, Corsica made independent, Brittany made independent.