Captain Jakob Cok was an explorer from Angland who is credited with many great feats including the rediscovery of Independent Antarctica.

Early Life:

He was born in Angland on 17 November 1728. He was a great and skillful sailor and soon rose to prominence in the Anglish navy.

Rediscovery of TCS:

On 17, January 1773, Captain Cok explored into what then were and now are territorial waters of Independent Antarctica. Here he was met by men from the TCS. At first, the meeting seemed to be going well. Despite the fact that no one could understand each other, the white skin of the Antarcticins helped prevent the Anglish from immediately assuming that these new people were "savages", and and, on their part, the men of TCS had never forgotten that there were other countries to their north.


However, for a reason that is unknown even today, some of Cok's men opened fire on the Antarcticins. This action killed most of them, and created an international incident that remains until today.