Royaume de France
Some attributes
Capital: Ville Québec
Official Language: French
Demonym: French Canadian, New French, American French
Population: 35 000 000
Government type: Monarchy
French Canada Flag

Flag of the Kingdom of France

The Kingdom of France, commonly known as Canada, is a French Language speaking country on the continent of North Colombia. It is ruled by the descendants of prerevolutionary European France.



On 20 April, 1534, Jacques Cartier first discovered the Saint Laurence River, and the area that is now Canada. He claimed it for France, and explored around the Gulf of St.Laurence.

The next year, he sailed again, and explored further down the Saint Laurence River. Many of his men died of scurvy during the winter.

Early Colonization:


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On 17 January 1793, French Revolutionaries decapitated king Louis XVI, and proclaimed a republic. North Colombian conservatives had always opposed such things, and they strongly condemned the republic. They proclaimed Louis's son, Louis Charles, to be King Louis XVII of France. The Anglish, who were sheltering Louis and his guardians gladly were rid of him, and the boy was installed as king in Ville Québec.

This Louis ruled under the regency of his uncle, Louis Stanislas Xavier. When he died at the age of ten, his uncle was crowned king.


The Kingdom of France is governed by a parliamentary monarchy. The current king is Louis XX.

Legislative power is vested in the Estates General. This consists of three houses, the highest representing the clergy, the next representing the nobility and the lowest elected by the citizen body. Major parties include the Front National and the Parti Libéral.

Although represented by the Parti de la Revolution, Republicanism has no real presence in the Kingdom of France. In theory, the ideology is legal, but high treason laws prohibit extensive Republican activism and the Parti de la Revolution itself has been banned several times.


The Kingdom of France has French as an official language.


French Canadian culture has a noted love of life. Puns, teasing and bad jokes are almost ubiquitous at gatherings.

French Canadian food is rich, heavy and delicious. It often involves Maple Syrup, wheat and meat.


The Kingdom of France contains rich wheat growing soil throughout the Louisiana Valley. It also exports fur, and fish.


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