Welcome to Ou Koshnu! We are glad you decided to join us. Please feel free to contribute.

New Work:

If you have an idea that has not yet been implemented, and does not involve a place or person that is already under the care of someone else, get writing! However, after you create your great new nation, conqueror, scientist, etc, add the page you just made to the Proposal Category. Once it is in here, we (the more experienced editors as well as The Powers That Be will inspect it. There are a few things that your work can and cannot do.


"Law is king of all." - Henry Alford

Yes, we need to have some rules about this. This is alternate history is it not? If we can change whatever we want, we will fall apart. We are not gods for a reason, even if we are pretending otherwise.

Established Fact:

This is the cornerstone of the project. If something is already defined to be so, then it is and everyone else has to work with that. If everyone could change everything on a whim, this would be chaos. If it is written, it is fact and it cannot be changed. Period. (Well, if it really needs to be done we can, but it is a lot of work and we will wrench apart time, shake the universe to its foundations, disrupt the flow of history and the processes of logical sentience and risk disabling creation. If it is fact, it stays fact.)


This is not a make-it-up-as-we-go-along sort of thing. You need to be able to show how your projected things came into existence, without the help of aliens or Divine intervention. It could be something as simple as changing who won a battle, or that a certain expedition did or did not find something, but it needs to sort of make sense.

Rule One:

It might seem strange to put rule one at the end, but in all the arguments about established fact and minding one's own business and who owns what, remember: we do this because we want to and the point is to have fun.

Go out there and forge a world!

Other People's Work:

Please do not edit other people's work without their permission. If the majority of the edits to an article are made by one person, go tell that person your ideas. Do not just change things.

This rule does not apply to any grammatical or format errors you might stumble upon. By all means go ahead and fix them!